Name: Rita Vicari

Born: 1990, Russia

Live: 2015-2018 Seoul, South Korea

Now New Jersey, USA

Other details: Degree in psychology.

2 years of basic education in art school. But consider myself a self-taught artist. Interested in color theory and influence of color on people and their emotions and perception.

“I have always been a person of art – art lover, art maker and art viewer.  Started as a dance choreographer and a poet and finding my way to the visual art my main goal is to explore and discover the nature of things from the inside out. No matter what tool – dance movement, words or paint and canvas – it is all for a self-discovery in this world and a discovery of the world through people, nature and things.  

Being born and raised in Russia, living in Asia and the USA I like to feel exposed to and explore different cultures, languages, life styles, values and perceptions of beauty. Travelling helps to stay opened to something new, move the borders and stay connected with the world. It inspires to experiment with surfaces and mediums, colors and textures, objects and themes.  

 I want to think of my art as a celebration of a human spirit, nature and a deep connection between them.” - Rita Vicari  



I am opened to new ideas and collaboration. For all inquiries feel free to contact me.

e-mail: rita@ri-inc.gallery