Artist’s bio

Rita Vicari was born and raised in Lipetsk, Russia. By the time she left her home country, she had already built a career as a professional dancer and gotten a psychology degree that she decided not to pursue. She started painting very early in her years. Although her childhood was very happy, she and her sisters were growing up during the 90s in a post-soviet atmosphere. In lack of much she learned how to admire simple things but it drove her desire to find or create something new and original. Her art took different forms – from poetry and dance choreography, she found her way back to painting again. She left her country and lived in South Korea for a few years. After exploring Asian culture and that part of the world, Rita moved to the United States where she finally found all the possibilities to perfect her skills and become a professional artist.  

Her every day is full of creating and experimenting. “Finding new ways to bring what I imagine to life is what drives my art and my process. I'm not partial to a specific subject. What matters is finding new angles in any object, appreciating details and balanced complexity or simplicity of it,” - she says about her art. Selling her paintings internationally, she wants her art to travel the world and connect with other people leaving an impact on their lives. “Visiting different countries, I clearly understood one thing – we are not so different from each other. The world is opened like never before, we all want to connect and share with other people. And art is the perfect way to do it!”.  

Having life full of travelling, Rita’s art studio travels with her. It changes in sizes and locations but it never limits her ideas but only helps them to thrive. Rita’s big plans are not only to create more and more art every day, but also finding new ways to connect with other artists and creators to share ideas, create collectable art, reimagine things and build something new. 

A day in the studio

Solo Exhibition “If you love art“. Seoul, South Korea. 2018

Art Expo New York. New York, USA. 2019