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Ri-imagining the world

Finding new ways to bring what I imagine to life is what drives my art and my process. I'm not partial to a specific subject. What matters is finding new angles in any object, appreciating details and balanced complexity or simplicity of it. Colors, textures, patterns are all my tools to recreate these objects, to highlight their strong, vivid beauty. Sharing experience, passion and aspiration to experiment inspires even more originality and growth. This inspiration can be caused by anything and always combines the quality and the quantity of information. Photography, travelling, architecture, movies, sculpture, food, reading, music – anything can become a source of inspiration and the way to bring imagination to life in a new unique way.” - Rita Vicari


Artworks and prints of them are available! If they are not represented in the shop, you can always contact me about any specific requests and ideas !

If you have any questions about artworks or collaborations, please, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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