Inspiration of the moment  

Being born and raised in Russia, living in Asia and recently moving to the United States is an experience that has changed (and is still changing) my perception of life too many times to count. The opportunity to be exposed to the world, admire its nature, explore different cultures, languages, values and reflections of this world’s beauty is a pure form of inspiration. I am truly passionate about art as a way to tell stories in a language that can be understood no matter where you are from and what you do. 

My degree in psychology helps me to see the connections people have to life and how life affects them.  I am exploring the connections between people and art in my work to better understand how art make us feel, how art can heal us, and how art can help us to better understand who we are. 

Oil paint is my preferred medium but I like using different mixed media in my work.  I always try to experiment with surfaces, mediums, colors, textures, objects and themes moving from very detailed work to expressive or abstract brushstrokes.  

Thinking of each painting as a moment in the endless chain of moments makes me feel like I am pressing pause while watching a movie. I paint scenes to stop time, thereby making the scene timeless.  

If you have any questions about artworks or collaborations, please, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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